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Seed products

Vertical form fill and seal machine for packaging seed products

VFFS for packaging seed prodcuts such as coffee beans, crystal sugar, cereals, flips, chips, hazelnut, almond, sesame, soya, dry grapes, sunflower, rice, peanuts, seeds, corn, beans, wheat , Frozen fruit and the similar.

The machine can form three types of bags depending on the requirement:

Weighing dosing system with electronic scales EV

The selected bags define the machine configuration.
The AVP series has a capacity of up to 30 bags / min depending on the size of the bag.
The maximum width of the foil is up to 420 mm.
The size of the bag is determined by the collar / tube assembly.
The machine can have few collars, ie different sizes of bags can be formed on the same machine.
Fast and easy switch of the collar to move from one bag to another.
weighing system with electronic scales EV is for dosing of seed products.
The hopper volume depends of the product.
Crossfeeders pulls out the product from the hopper and refill containers that on the load cells.
Crossfeeders are switching off when the given weight is reached.
Crossfeeders have the ability to fill roughly and fine (at the beginning it fills rough, or fast, but after reaching 90% of the dose, fine dosing is continued, or slow).

The best materials ensure maximum quality and high accuracy.

In order to provide a dose within the boundaries it is necessary to keep the level of the product in the hopper constant.
In addition to the AVP machine, we also recommend a KT casket conveyor with a crossfeeder, which is used for the autorefill of the hopper.
Exact mechanical and electrical instructions.
Process control via PLC, with built-in SIEMENS HMI.

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  • Weight control (checkweighing) with bag rejection
  • Ink jet printer
  • Easy open
  • Thermo printer
  • Metal detector
  • Electronic mechanism for correcting the film path
  • Mechanism for flatting the bottom of the bag
  • Output conveyor
  • Rotary table
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