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Filling machine for viscous products

Filling machine for creams, fats, honey, suppositories in a heated condition

Filling machine for creams, fats, honey, suppositories in the heated condition it is intended for the products for which the heating is necessary, in pre-prepared packaging.

By pressing the machine’s footswitch pedal, dosing of the given quantity of dosing product from the double plated container (in which the product is maintained at the dosing temperature) is performed.

Bar heater

The volume of the double plated container is 20l.
It contains an electric motor turbine mixer, with its own drive, for maintaining the product in a fluid state.
The dosing system consists of a pneumatic dosing cylinder and a penumatic rotary valve, which in combination function as a piston pump. The dosing cylinder is immersed in a double plated container. Adjustable pneumatic cylinder ensures a change in the dosing volume.
The dosing tube has its own heating el. Bars, and the size of the tube is defined according to the size of the opening on the package.

Dose volume

The heating of the double plated container is via an electric heater. Dosage volume:

0.5-5 ml
From 5-50 ml

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