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Filling machine for seed products

Semi-automatic filler with weight measuring – OMNIWEIGHT EV

with electronic weighing and crossfeeder

The machine is intended for dosing in prepared package of fine grain, granulated, pieces of products, berries, vegetables, etc.
The initiation of the dosing process is done with a footswitch pedal.
The size of the dose is from 100g to 1000g.
The hopper volume is 100l.

Automatic refill or manually refill

The product is delivered to the hopper,with a conveyor or manually.
Crossfeeders pulls out the product from the hopper and refill containers that are on the load cells.
Crossfeeders are switching off when the given weight is reached.
Crossfeeders have the ability to fill roughly and fine (at the beginning it fills rough, or fast, but after reaching 90% of the dose, fine dosing is continued, or slow).

Ideal dose repetition

The machine provides ideal dose repetition, easy dose adjustment, and other parameters essential for proper and reliable machine operation.