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Filling machine for powder products

Auger filler with weight measuring - OMNIWEIGHT PD

OMNIWEIGHT PD is used for dosing of powdered products in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food industry, etc.


Filiing is done in a two regimes, fast and slow filling regime.

By pressing the buttons the dosing product is transported through the hopper and the vertical auger into the package.Package is on load cell (measuring cell).
Efficient setting of desired weight over the operator terminal without mechanical adjustment. Possibility of customizing the parameters of the different materials. Dosage up to 1kg depending on the requirement.
The vertical auger is diven with an electric motor with a frequency regulator.
Easy removable auger, for dosing different types of products and different doses.
Volume of the hopper is 30 l.



Refill of the hopper auger conveyor
Bag sealer
Semi-automatic capping machine