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Filling machine for barrel

Semi-automatic machine for dosing liquids in a barrel

Semi-automatic machine is used for dosing of motor oil in prepared packaging – barrel.
The product that is charged is transported by a pipeline from a tank through an inverter driven pump.

Dosing valve cylinder set

The movable mechanical arm serves to bring the dosing system to the position for feeding the raw material. It carries on itself a dosing system that needs to be positioned above the barrel hole.
The dosing system is a set of cylinder dosing valves with connection points for.

Machine doses the product to the desired weight

The barrel with the pallet is placed on the platform.
Electronic scale with four load cells has a capacity of 1.2t and enough dimensions to accept the euro pallet.
When the scale measures the set rate for rough dosing, the pump is switched to a lower speed, and with a smaller flow it doses the product to the specified weight.