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Polyethylene and Aluminum tubes

MBT - Monoblock for packaging of creamy, pasty products and gels in Polyethylene and Aluminum tubes

The experience of making semiautomatic binders, sealers and filling machines has been transferred to the MBT series development. Affordable price and easy handling is the main feature of these machines. The capacity of the machine is up to 1000 tubes / h depending on the viscosity of the cream.
The machine is designed for a tube diameter from Ø20 to Ø50, height up to 200mm. The filling system is with a piston pump.

Monoblok za pakovanje kremastih, pastoznih proizvoda i gelova u PE I Al tube 7


The filling principle is volumetric, i.e. The defined volume is filled.
The piston pumps are designed with tri clamps so that they are easily detachable and enable quicker and easier maintenance.
The filler of monoblock machine can be rotated and used as an independent device for filling jars with creams and liquid in bottles.
Progressive tube filling ensures high-quality tubing and a clean welding zone from the inside of the top of the tube.
Welding of the top of the tube is done without contact.
The specially designed tool heats with the warm air the top of the tube, and in the next position it is clamped with cold jaws.
Such a welding principle ensures the quality of welding.

Sensor Subsystem

The machine also has a module for trimming the top of the tube.
All functions of the machine, such as the transport of tubes, performance of functions, etc. Are followed by the appropriate sensor subsystem.
Process control via PLC, with built-in SIEMENS HMI.
The best materials ensure maximum quality and high accuracy.
Exact mechanical and electrical instructions, material certifications.
Fast and easy changes of parts when switching from format to format.

If you need mixing, homogenization of your product, check out our processing equipment.

  • Ink jet printing
  • Automatic refill of tubes
  • Automatic positioning of tubes towards marker on tubes
  • Module for sealing of aluminium tubes
If your capacities are smaller, look at our semi-automatic machines
If you need mixing, homogenization of your product, check out our processing equipment.