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Automatic Lines

Automatic Lines

Automatic lines have been completely developed and made in our production. They have been successful since the start and have taken a firm position on the market. They consist of individual machines: filling machines, capping machines and labelling machines.
Each of the individual machines is easy to integrate into the existing system or packaging line.
The capacity of our lines is up to 4000 b / h.

High demands

Automatic lines are suitable for work in petrochemical, chemical, food, construction and pharmaceutical industries.
We make automatic lines also for abrasive and aggressive liquids.
The process of filling must in particular meet the high requirements.
Our ALP series fillers allow you to dosage different types of products safely and precisely.
Whether servo, mechanical or pneumatic, whether it’s a plastic or glass bottle with our fillers, we provide you with safe and proven solutions.
The modular linear design of this filler is particularly suitable for frequent format changes and small series.
In the standard version, the fillers are equipped with piston pumps with rotary or diaphragm valves.
The filling principle is volumetric, i.e. The defined volume is filled.
Progressive filling, allows the product to be dosed without foaming.

Labeling of PE, PET, glass bottles

We suggest a suitable orientation and cap selection system depending on the type of cap.

ZTL capping machine is to be able to follow the capacity of the filler.

Closing of the cap is done via the servo motor with the detection of the capping moment.

Labelling machines from ET series is used for labeling PE, PET, glass bottles.
The maximum height of the label is 250mm.
For the proper labeling of the bottle, it is necessary that the bottle be properly oriented when taking the label.
Depending on the type of packaging (cylindrical, elliptical, square, etc.), we make appropriate modules for the orientation of the bottle.

All the functions of the machine, such as the transport of bottles, cap, placing of the cap, performing of functions, etc. are detected by the appropriate sensor subsystem.
Process control via PLC, with built-in SIEMENS HMI.
The best materials ensure maximum quality and high accuracy.
Exact mechanical and electrical instructions, material certifications.

petrochemical industry
Petrochemical industry
food industry
Food industry
construction industry
Construction industry
chemical industry
Chemical industry
  • Rejection of incorrect bottles
  • Filling with mass flow meters
  • Filling with magnetic flow meters
  • Filling with peristaltic pumps
  • Checkweighing
  • Ink jet printer
If your capacities are smaller, look at our semi-automatic machines